Sam Quinn – One Year of Service

Yesterday marked one year since Sam Quinn arrived here in Northern Ireland to help us.  Much has happened in the time that he has been here.  Sam has helped us with so much in the life of our church – camps, children’s ministry, music ministry, youth ministry, building moves, Bible institute, and much more.  I cannot say enough about how blessed we are to have him here helping us.  Sam is planning to stay on for another year.  Please continue to pray for him and pray for men to continue to step up to take his place even now.  Below is a post that Sam wrote on his blog about his being here for one year:

Yesterday marked a year since I landed at Belfast International Airport to begin my internship here in Derry, Northern Ireland. To be perfectly honest I never expected to be here now. I had a ticket for May and Brother Snode was talking about only being here six months. I did use my ticket for May but only for a short holiday in the states to see friends and family, and I am very happy that I didn’t leave in just six months.

The Lord has blessed me in allowing me to work with Bro. Snode and his family. The Bible tells us that if we leave behind friends, family, or possessions for His name’s sake he will return these an hundred fold, and I’ll attest that it’s true. I left my friends and family back in America and I have missed them dearly, but I feel the Lord has given me a family larger and more vast than it could have been if I had stayed and not followed what the Lord had planned for me.

What’s next? you may ask. Well I plan to work here for another year or so (mainly trying to work myself out of a job) and after that I’ll follow wherever the Lord leads. Please pray for the Snodes, the Northwest Baptist Church, and me. Thank you.

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