Amazing Teen Camp

We had an amazing time at teen camp this past week.  The camp is always one of the highlights of our year, and we were so blessed this year.  The camp was held at the Ganaway Activity Centre in Co. Down.  Our guest speaker this year was Pastor Tony Howeth from Covington, GA.  Sam Quinn was the camp director.  It was great to have young people from several churches join us this year.  Below are a few photographs, as well as testimonies from some of the young people and workers about the camp.

Testimonies from some of the young people who went to the camp:

“The fellowship was the biggest blessing to me. I know that in my life I lack real fellowship with other teenage Christians, so to just sit around and talk to them was a huge blessing!  The Holy Spirit was really working in everyones lives and challenged me in many ways, the main challenge being my attutide and how I conducted myself. I have now learnt that i must adopt an attitude of servitude. The book of Philippians is a great book full of wisdom and a depth that I had never seen before and I look forward to applying it to my life. God is working, and will continue to work, in the lives of all those who were at camp and I look forward to seeing His plans unfold. Next year can’t come around quick enough!” – Andrew

“The enjoyed being around Christian friends, who look out for you and encourage you everyday was something that spoke to my heart, teen camp is always a highlight of my summer and I can’t wait for next summer!” – Jordan

“I really needed this camp. Before camp I will admit now that I wasnt reading the bible or praying that much but the camp got my faith back on track and I have now been praying and reading and studying my Bible more. I have been doing so since the day I have came back and I hope that God will continue to work and my life and help me stand strong in His Word and not to backslide again. It was a real blessing being able to meet new people and to be able to worship together with Christians my age and to meet new people and to listen to the preaching from people that have come from another country to spread the word. I enjoyed everything that we did, and I am looking forward to next year.” – Jack

“This camp was amazing. The teens AND the leaders had great fun. All the leaders and teens were really nice. I really enjoyed the preaching and activities. Most importantly God spoke to hearts!” – Nathan

The camp was awesome, and the leaders were very nice to me. The teen and the leaders had great fun. I really enjoyed every thing. Most importantly God is working in my heart everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Alisha

Here are some testimonies from some of the workers at the camp:

“I really enjoyed the messages and watching the kids grow throughout the week. Every message preached brought out a great truth that I needed in my life and I want to thank all the preachers that put in the work and time to share what God had taught them from the Bible. As well, watching the kids grow in their unity and spirituality throughout the week was a blessing that cannot be effectively conveyed in words. I cannot wait until camp next year!” – Sam

“This was the greatest camp experience of my life! Everyone was united and had a GREAT spirit! This was my first time being a camp leader, and I loved it! I enjoyed watching the Holy Spirit speak to hearts and work in lives as the week progressed. God used Bro. Tony to speak to my heart, and make me aware of changes that God is helping me to make right now. I’m so thankful for a man of God that is willing to obey the Holy Spirit and preach God’s Word. Getting to know all of the teens was awesome, and I hope to be apart of this camp again in the future!” – Tiffany

“I’m so greatful for having this opportunity to be at camp! The fellowship with like minded Christians was beyond any words, God showed me even though we’re from different countries and backgrounds we go through the same struggles in life. Seeing teens who were receptive to the preaching, growing, memorizing His Word and excited to live for Christ was so encouraging! I want to thank all of the preachers that brought messages, they were all amazing!God worked in my heart in so many ways this week, from having the mind of a servant, to being a better light for Christ and not let fear keep me from missing an opportunity He has planned. It also challenged me to daily put God first in my life and remember no matter what I have a responsibility to Him. I’d love for the Lord to work it out for me to come back next summer, but until then I will be praying for you all!! (:” – Valerie

“Camp was such an amazing experience. I was so blessed to be a part of it! Everyone’s preaching was great. I think there was something God pointed out to me from every message. Encouragement, direction, the need to be a better servant, to not let people pass me by without giving them the Gospel. There is so much I learned and will be able to take with me to make my walk with God better than it’s ever been before! The Christian fellowship was beyond compare. Being able to talk with and listen to people who Love the Lord and WANT to serve him better is in its self an encouragement. Getting to know the teens personally was one of my favorite parts of camp. Watching them interact with each other. The willingness they had to help clean up even if it wasn’t there teems turn. The way some of them decided they weren’t just going to memorize the 40 verses but were going to surpass that with 70-88 verses memorized. It was wonderful to watch the teens go from being there to have fun to taking the spiritual side of things more serious and making decisions for the Lord. All the leaders and workers were amazing! The cooks worked so hard to make sure we all had a wonderful meal and enough of it that everyone was stuffed! They didn’t just cook they also cared how the teens and everyone else were doing. The outings and activites were great. From orienteering, capture the flag, raft building, rounders, night lining and so much more. The water fights were pretty awesome as well if I do say so myself! I’m praying that if the Lord wills He will work it out for me to be back next year for Teen Camp!” – Vanessa

“Praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy. Camp was a wonderful way for all the have a one on one divine relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. We all experienced a life changing opportunity for the Lord to work in our personal lives. My prayer for all the be committed to His glorious work in our lives. May we continue to lift up His name in all we do through out the year and many years to come.” – Stephen


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