Visitors from the USA

This past week, we had several visitors from the USA.

On Friday, July 6, Pastor Tony Howeth and two young ladies from Florida arrived in Dublin.  Pastor Howeth taught in the Bible Institute on Saturday, preached on Sunday, and then preached about seven times at the Teen Camp.  It was a huge blessing spending time with him again, learning about the ministry, and having him to invest in the young people at the camp.  The young ladies that came with him, Vanessa and Valerie Carpenter, were a real blessing as well.  They had such a servant’s spirit and were a real blessing at the teen camp as well.

Valerie Carpenter, Tiffany Kahler, and Vanessa Carpenter
Pastor Howeth preaching at the camp

On Saturday, July 7, a large group of 34 people from Temple Baptist Church in Flower Mound, TX were with us.  They helped us on Saturday pass out about several thousand leaflets for our children’s meeting coming up next week.  On last Sunday morning, they sang for us and did an incredible job. Because we had so many visitors, we held our services in a local hotel, as seen in the picture below.

Choir from Temple Baptist Church in TX



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