Another Prayer Update on Missy Smith

Bro. Lionel Smith, a pastor in Cork, wrote the following update yesterday about his teenage daughter Missy who has just been diagnosed with cancer.  You can read past posts about her here, here, and here.  This update will be emailed out, but in the future, I will just be posting these prayers updates on the blog, so check back at for more details.

Dear Brethren and Praying Partners,

We are truly thankful for your prayers and ask that your continue the bring Priscilla(Missy) before the Lord. We are so thankful to God for what He has done already.

Yesterday, Bernadette, Sarah,Joshua and Samuel made the journey to Dublin to visit. It was really exciting for Missy to see everyone as it was the first for us all to be together in what seems like ages .It did Missy good to see the brothers and sis. Bernadette will return to Dublin Monday and stay so as to learn all of the home medical procedures Missy will require in the future. Sarah found the visit very very difficult. Please pray for the entire family.

Part of the days events was that Missy had her hair cut. It was the shortest she has had it since she was about 2 yrs. old. It basically has been growing all her life, just trimmed regularly. Monday she gets her wig. Things are happening so so quickly she has no time to realize, thank God for this.

Much prayer is need for Tuesday as she goes to theatre. The surgeons are putting in a bigger line for chemo. It would be to high a risk to do the usual. standard way because of the complications of the tumor and plan an alternative way. Lord guide and be with them.

Missy’s consultants are planning six months of chemo. We will be making very regular stays and visits up and down to Dublin in the foreseeable future with regular visits at intervals to hospital in Cork, all the of main things happen in Dublin. We are very thankful that Ireland has such excellent hospitals, doctors and medication. We will be learning more as we go on.

Thanks again for your love , concern and prayers.

The Smith family.

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