Latest News on Missy Smith

Here is the latest news on Missy Smith for her father:

Dear Praying Brethren,

Thank you all very much for our coveted prayers. Praise God for His hand upon Missy. The results of the biopsy is that Missy had Hodgkins Lymphoma, probably second stage. The Consultant says it has 80% success in treatment. Now that they have the results, her entire body has to be checked. This morning she was taken to a private hospital clinic for a PET scan. Praise God that this was carried out so quickly ,as usually people have to wait weeks for this. Thursday we will have the results. Yet again we ‘wait’… Today Missy began the first chemotherapy treatment.The Consultant appears to be a kind considerate man, and explained ‘all’ the effects of this treatment is going to have on her.Everything is happening so quickly to her it is difficult to absorb it all. For the present Missy will remain in Dublin hospital but hopefully it will be arranged where treatments can be alternated with a hospital in Cork. This would be such a blessing .

Please do continue prayer for Bernadette as she makes this journey.
Thank you all again for upholding Missy and our family in prayer.

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