BBQ, Sunday Service, Cali’s Birthday, Trip to America

BBQ: Friday night, we had a free community BBQ at the church as a way to meet people in the community. We had a great turnout with around 100 people attending, probably over half of which would have been people who do not normally attend our church. It was very encouraging to meet lots of new people from the community and many who were invited by the folks in our church. It was also great to see the willingness of the people in the church to invite people, serve, and reach out to others. I think it was a real example of God’s love to those who attended. Please pray for fruit from these conversations and opportunities.

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Sunday’s Service: On Sunday, we had 2 first-time visitors, 4 returning visitors, and 51 in the morning service. After the service, we had our monthly Bring and Share Lunch together with a lovely time of fellowship. Then in the evening (since we did not have an evening service), we had a church outing to the British Museum, particularly looking at the artefacts in the museum that point to the truthfulness of the Bible.

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Cali’s Birthday: Yesterday, our youngest daughter Cali turned 7. We had a nice time celebrating her birthday. She had a princess party in which a fierce dragon showed up. Thankfully, a brave prince was there to save the day!

Trip to America: Here in a few hours, we head to the airport for a few weeks visit to America. We will mostly be visiting with family, as it has been three years since we have seen our families, and it will probably be another couple before we return for a full furlough. I will come back to the UK on Aug 12, while Teri and the children will return Aug 19. Please pray for safety as we travel and for the church here in London. Please especially pray for Daniel and Jeff as they lead things while I am away and for guest speakers, Salaam Kamara and Ryan Strother.

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  1. A big hello from Londonderry, it is good to see you are all doing well, I pray you all have a wonderful trip home , can hardly believe that almost three years have passed when you arrived back to Woodburn Park from your trip home. May God keep you all safe as you travel home and all good wishes for your continued good work with your Church .


    1. Hello Margaret, thank you for your prayers and good wishes. It is amazing how time flies. May God bless you and so nice to hear from you.

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