Four Adults Complete Foundations Discipleship Level 1

2016-07-10 11.52.10

  • Discipleship: This past Sunday, we recognised four adults in our church who completed Foundations Discipleship Level 1. We are so grateful for the commitment of Jeff, Heather, Susan, and Daniel. All of them are working on taking others through Foundations as well.
  • Community BBQ: This Friday we are having a community BBQ and open day at our church to meet people in the community and for people to which people can invite their friends and family. Please pray for this event, for lost people to attend, and for gospel fruit to come out of it.
  • Illness: I have had the flu the last few days, which has hindered me from doing very much. I appreciate prayer that I would feel better especially for the events of the weekend and our trip to America coming up on Wednesday.
  • Interest in Church Membership and Discipleship: Several young adults spoke to me this week about wanting to join the church and wanting to be discipled. We have not officially organised as a church with membership yet, but we hope to do that soon. It is encouraging to see people wanting to be more committed to the church.
  • Building Fund: Now is a great time to give toward the building fund for Northwest Baptist Church, as the exchange rate between US dollars to UK pounds is at a 30 year low. This means that anything that is given in dollars toward the fund will go about 10-15% farther. To find out more info about this project, go here.

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