Children’s Workers, Family Christmas Service, Inquiry About God

This past Friday, we had several new teenagers attend the youth club. They had some very good questions about God and salvation. I am very encouraged with how God is blessing the youth ministry.

On Sunday, we honoured all the volunteers who serve in some aspect of our children’s ministry. The photo above shows most of our workers, though a few were not able to be there for the photo.

Please be in prayer for our Family Christmas Service and Buffet taking place this coming Sunday morning. We are looking forward to a good time together, and hoping that we will have a number of visitors out. We have given out about 2500 leaflets.

Also, pray for a man some of our ladies met in Bromley on yesterday. He is interested in learning more about God, so I have arranged to meet with him next Thursday.

James met with our solicitor yesterday about the building we are looking to buy for Northwest Baptist Church. There are several legal hurdles to overcome before we can finalise a lease and plan to purchase, so please pray for God’s will to be done.

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