Chris Stansell & Wayne Breeden Visiting from TN

About 9 years ago, I met Bro. Chris Stansell from South Haven Baptist Church in Springfield, TN.  Teri and I were at a missions conference at his home church, and since then Bro. Stansell has kept in touch with us.  He came to visit us about five years ago and was a real blessing then.

We are glad to have Bro. Stansell and a man from his church, Wayne Breeden, with us again.  They have been here since Saturday ministering in some of the churches around Ireland. On last night, Bro. Stansell and I travelled down to Swords.  He preached at Lighthouse Baptist Church on “Music in the Bible” and did a great job with it.

They will be with us through Monday morning.  On Saturday, we will be holding a music seminar at the church on music theology, song leading, etc.  On Sunday, Bro. Stansell will preach on “Music in the Bible”.  Wayne is doing a great job working at our church on various projects.  He is a professional painter, so he is painting our front door and making it look great.

I want to say a big “Thanks” to them for coming.  Please pray for them as they continue to minister.  Below is a video of Bro. Stansell singing last night.

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