Great Time with Chris Stansell & Wayne Breeden

We had a great week with Chris Stansell and Wayne Breeden from South Haven Baptist Church in Springfield.  They were a huge blessing to us in the following ways:

  • Brought a bunch of gifts for us and for the children.
  • Helped to work on our church building, painting our front door/entryway and painting for all the renovations that were made.
  • Taught a music seminar on Saturday and preached on “Music in the Bible” on Sunday morning.
  • Took Teri and I out for a very nice dinner on Friday night.
  • Worked very hard to made sure that they paid their way for everything they did.

We have a lot of visitors come to Northern Ireland.  These men worked as hard as any of them to be a blessing and encouragement, and we really appreciated everything they did.  Below are a few photographs of the weeks events.

Darci & I on our trip to Dublin last Sunday
Bro. Stansell teaching on music in Swords, Ireland
Wayne Breeden and I with the newly painted church door
Bro. Stansell giving gifts to the children.
Bro. Stansell teaching the music seminar on Saturday

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