Church Plant in Carrick-on-Shannon

One of the newer missionaries to Ireland, Carey Hendricks and his family, just started a new church in Carrick-on-Shannon a few weeks ago.  We were able to spend some time with them a few months ago, and we are excited about what God is doing through them.  Carrick-on-Shannon, is in a very needy area.  Below is an update from them.  Please pray for this church.

Praise the Lord, we’ve started off with a couple of great services. Last Sunday evening we had a good turnout of people from other churches as well as others from Carrick-on-Shannon. There were about 20 folks from Good News Baptist Church in Mullingar as well as the Bro. Finley’s family from Athlone.
It was great to have the support of the other churches. We were excited to see a handful of visitors from the area. I would’ve been thrilled if just one new person came the first night, but God gave us four. One couple attends another Baptist church and the other couple consists of a Catholic husband and a Church of Ireland wife. The Catholic man attended a Baptist church while living in America. He was excited about the church and said he’d be back.
Last night the couple from the other Baptist church came back. They plan to attend each week. We also had a new man and his daughter come out. It is exiting to have new people show up.
Pray for these 6 people to keep coming and those that are lost to come to Christ.
Thank you for praying,
Carey Hendricks
Carrick Baptist Church

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