Update on Missy Smith

Several months ago, I asked for you all to pray for Missy Smith, the teenage daughter of a missionary pastor in Cork, who has cancer.  I wanted to give you an update and ask you to keep praying for her and her family.  Here is the latest news from her father.

Update on September 12, 2012

Missy started her fifth round of chemo last week. Missy has one more round of chemo following this round and then she starts radio therapy.

It is going well, but it is hard. The first day is the best day (not a good day but the best of days feeling bad) and then things get harder and harder, then about day 22 or 23 she starts improving and she improves till she starts the next round. It is really rough on her. The other day she was just lying in bed and I asked her if she was “feeling bad today”. She just moved her eyes and said very quietly, “I feel bad every day”. I nearly started crying right there in front of her. It is really tough on her so please continue to lift her up in prayer. Missy feels so bad that she does not even like to listen to music or listen to an audio books.

Sarah has been really good for Missy and has really helped her through this, but Sarah starts back in college this week. (Sarah has finished her Bachelor of Music degree, but there is very little work for her so she is doing a computer course.) Please pray that we can be a comfort to Missy and that she won’t miss Sarah too much.

Priscilla’s muscles and nerves are decreasing. This is the result of two of the drugs that she is on. I did not know this, but apparently nerves are fast growing and that is why the chemo kills them. Well, because of this problem Priscilla is starting to find it difficult to walk. She has fallen and a couple of times she would have fallen but I caught her. Most of the time, either someone walks with her or she kind of leans against the wall. Please pray for her safety as she could get hurt if she falls.

Also, please pray that there will be no lasting side effects. Of course, please pray that Missy’s cancer will be cured completely and that it will never come back.


Update on September 18, 2012

Missy finishes her fifth round of chemo this week. It is really hard on her, but only one more round to go. Praise the Lord! Missy is finding each chemo harder and harder. It is a real struggle for her and with 15 days of chemo and only 13 days to recover she never has any time to build herself up. Please continue to pray for safety for her as she has become quite weak the last couple of weeks. We really appreciate your prayers on her behalf. Please continue to uphold our whole family in prayer as we all find it quite difficult.



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