Discipleship, Youth, Work Day, Q & A Service, Mission Weekend

Discipleship: We spent a good deal of time this week printing out and assembling discipleship booklets to keep up with the demand for them. It is encouraging to see people grow as they are taught God’s Word and then to want to teach it to others.

Youth Meeting: Every Friday night during the school term, we have a one hour youth meeting. It is an informal meeting where the young people are allowed to ask any question they want as long as we can answer it from the Bible. We had a very good meeting this past Friday. Please continue to pray for God to work in the lives of these young people.

Church Work Day: Saturday, we had a good work day at the church, focusing mostly on the outside of the building. It was encouraging to have a good number of people helping.

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Sunday Services: This Sunday, the morning message was “Take a Stand for Jesus” from Acts 25-26. Then in the evening, we had our monthly Deacon Training meeting followed by our Q & A Service. Below is a list of some of the questions that were asked in the service:

  1. Do we need to know if someone is a Christian?
  2. Does Genesis mention Jesus creating the world?
  3. Is it a sin to doubt someone’s Christianity even if they say they are?
  4. Why did God make sin at all? If it was man’s choice He would have had to make it for them to sin.
  5. Why did Adam and Eve eat the apple?
  6. How did Jesus limit himself? Why didn’t God the Father die on the cross?
  7. Genesis 30:37-41 What is going on here?
  8. Is the Devil real?
  9. Why didn’t Eve reject the temptation of the devil of the fruit?
  10. Why did they arrest Paul if he didn’t do anything wrong?
  11. What does Jesus mean?
  12. Is Saul Paul’s second name? What does Paul mean? What was Paul doing before he was a Christian?
  13. Why did God allow the Israelites to kill people in the Old Testament?
  14. Did Paul write a lie in the Bible?
  15. Why does God save people?
  16. Why did God create us?
  17. What does being in God’s image mean?
  18. Am I wrong to ask God why did He took my son away from me?
  19. Since evolution isn’t real why do we have so many varieties of breeds within a species from the original creation?

Mission Weekend: Tomorrow evening, we start our mission weekend in which we will focus on our responsibility to carry to the gospel to the nations. Pastor James Wilson, from Northwest Baptist Church, will be speaking for us. Please pray that we can do more as a church to get the gospel out to our city, our country, and the world this year.

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