First Week of Research in London

Greenwich Park with Canary Wharf in the Background

Last week was the first fairly “normal” week in London that we have had, meaning that we were not moving in, settling in, or traveling.  It was great to get down to the business of praying, learning, and researching about the best place to plant a church here in this massive, diverse city.

We were able to meet with several other church-planters and pastors and talk to them about the opportunities in the city.  It is a blessing to make friends that are willing to help and encourage us.  We also started researching where Bible-believing, Bible-preaching churches are and where there do not seem to be any.  Obviously, it is our goal to start a church where the need is the greatest.

Yesterday, we attempted to attend a church in the morning near our house.  Though there is a nice sign and large building, it seems that the church has closed down.  We then walked in late to another “Baptist” church that was more like a charismatic church.  In the evening, we attend another church in SW London that is quite small and has a new pastor coming next week.  It was encouraging to hear the Bible preached there.

Because London has such a long religious history, there are many churches here of all sort, sizes, and styles.  It is a bit challenging to figure out which churches are sound and which are not.  Many of those who might even have Baptist on their sign are very far from being Bible-believing, Bible-preaching churches.

Please pray for us as we continue to research and pray for God’s direction and for open doors.  We appreciate so much your faithfulness in praying for us.  As I skyped into the mission conference at Somerville Baptist Church in Somerville, AL yesterday afternoon, I was reminded once again of the importance of the both the goer and sender in reaching the world with the gospel.

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