Four Year Anniversary of Northwest Baptist Church

This past Sunday, we celebrated the four year anniversary of Northwest Baptist Church.  We had great services with guest preacher Graham Anderson, our choir singing, a BBQ lunch, and afternoon services.  Below is an article about the history and vision of our church that I wrote on our church website.  I thought you might be interested in reading it.

In June 2006, Travis & Teri Snode began having Bible studies in their home.  The following August, the Bible studies were moved to a local hotel for opening services of Northwest Baptist Church.  Over the course of that year, God blessed with many different people coming to the church, and in May 2008 the church officially organised.

Four years later, God is still building and blessing His church.  It has not been an easy process or a fast process, but God is faithfully adding to the church committed members and faithful attenders.  There have been challenges over vision, financial and physical obstacles, and times of discouragement and setback, but, through them all, God has proven to be faithful.

The Lord has allowed the church to have a radio ministry, an Internet ministry, a youth ministry, a camp ministry, a mum/tots ministry, a children’s ministry, a Bible study/Sunday school ministry, an outreach ministry, a Bible institute ministry, and many other ministries through the years.

We are very excited about what God is going to do in the years that lie ahead.  Our vision is…

  • A church that is focused on lifting up and exalting Jesus Christ.
  • A church that is committed to obeying and preaching the Word of God.
  • A church that is make up of people whose lives have been radically changed by the gospel.
  • A church that is determined to preach the good news locally and abroad.
  • A church that is helping believers to grow and mature in their faith.
  • A church that is training others for leadership and ministry.
  • A church that is reproducing itself through planting other Bible-believing churches.

Please continue for this church to grow and mature.  Church-planting is a spiritual work that must have the blessing and power of God upon it, or nothing of eternal value will come from it.

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