Furlough Update – September 25, 2012

The Lord blessed us with a good couple meetings on this past Sunday.  In the morning, we were at Gateway Baptist Church in Cleveland, GA, which is only about an hour from home.  We had a very nice time of fellowship with Pastor Sparks and the folks at the church.  They were such a blessing and encouragement to us.  Gateway Baptist has been supporting and praying for us for the past ten years.

In the evening, we went to a new church, Calvary Baptist Church in Toccoa, GA.  The pastor is Mike Staley, who was a missionary to Peru while I was there as a student.  He and his family supported me personally as I was beginning deputation.  They were a blessing to me while I was in Peru, and it was great to see them again.  We had a very nice time with them as well, and we are excited about the potential of their church.

At both churches, I was able to talk with people and invite them to the summit.  Our goal as we travel is to seek to raise up labourers and missionaries to go into the harvest.  Being here on furlough has been a good reminder that missions is a team effort.  Many people pray, give, and sacrifice so that we can go to the field.  Without their support, our ministry would not be possible.

Tomorrow, we leave for a 28 day trip to NC, SC, PA, OH.  You can view our furlough schedule here.  We have about 24 openings still, so if you would like to have us come by your church, please get in touch with us soon.


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