Gone to Be With Jesus

Today, we had an ultrasound/scan for the baby that we were expecting.  At the hospital, they could not find any heartbeat.  The baby’s measurements were 11 weeks and should have been 14 weeks, so it was apparent that the baby had miscarried.

I was in England preaching a conference at the time but was able to fly home quickly to be with Teri and the kids.  We are all together, and we are just thanking God for His goodness and blessings.

Times like this make us appreciate…

  • Our God who makes Heaven a reality for us, so we can see our baby when we die.
  • Our Saviour who loves us and cares for us at all times.
  • Our friends/family who are so supportive and caring.

I want to say a big word of “Thank You” to Martin and Carrie Wickens for their helping in getting me home so quickly.  Upon finding out what happened, Martin booked me a ticket straight away and had me at the airport within just a few hours.  He and Alan Campbell also asked Matt McCausland to take me to my house from the airport.  Thank you, Martin, Alan, and Matt for your help.  Also, we are so thankful for the friends and family who have written and expressed their love.  You are a blessing.




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