Good Time at Lighthouse Baptist Church, Swords

Teri, the kids, and I travelled down to the north of Dublin on Saturday to be a part of the services at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Swords.  We arrived on Saturday afternoon and stayed in a hotel that night.

We had a great time at Lighthouse Baptist Church.  They have recently moved into a new building which is across the street from their other building.  The building is actually a very large house, but I have never seen a house that suited a church so well.  They have several large rooms for children classes, a large kitchen, space to fellowship, and a room in the back that probably could hold 100 people.

Being the end of the summer, quite a few of their families were away on holiday but there was still a very good group of people there for Sunday School and church.  It was great seeing men leading the church and doing a great job with things even though their pastor and other leaders were away.  I thought that Declan handled himself very well and was a great host.  He is trully a man of God, and I look forward to how God will use him in the days ahead.

I enjoyed preaching to the church.  They were very receptive and listened well.  I liked how there were many different nationalities in the church, but they are all like one big family.  There were people there from Africa, Europe, Asia, and North and South America!

We stayed here last night and are getting ready to head out to Tayto Park in Co. Meath before returning home tonight.  It has been great to spend some time with family on this trip as well.  God is so to us.

We want to say a big “Thanks” to Pastor Pittman and Lighthouse Baptist Church for their invitation and hospitality.  They were a big blessing to us, and we hope we were a blessing to them.

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