How to Get Into the UK as a Missionary

Whenever someone attempts to go to any country as a missionary, there are always challenges in regards to visa and government permission to enter a country.  The situation in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland continues to change, but at the moment the process for someone to come into England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland can be found here under “Ministers of Religion” or “Religious Worker.”

On the website you can read about the different Tiers, the application process, who is eligible, and the necessity of having a sponsor in the UK.  The biggest change in the UK was in November 2009, when an approved sponsor in the UK became mandatory for anyone trying to enter the country.  Getting a sponsor seems to be the biggest hurdle for most missionaries/church planters/pastors wanting to come into the country.

From what I hear, very few churches in the country have the sponsorship status necessary to be a sponsor for new missionaries.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of the ministry here.  We trying to attempt great things for God and expecting great things from God.

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