January 2017 Prayer Letter

December was a busy but fruitful month in the ministry here. We began with a combined youth event with two other local churches. We had several dozen young people, and we showed a special gospel film. Please continue to pray for the work among the young people.

We gave out 2500 invitations to our Christmas services. The Sunday before Christmas, we had over 70 people attend for our Family Christmas Service and Meal. Over the course of the Christmas period we had 14 first-time visitors.

Quite a few of the visitors were family members and friends that people invited. It is encouraging to see people reaching out to others and inviting them to the church. Others who visited received leaflets through their letterboxes. Please pray for the gospel seeds that were sown and are being sown to bring forth fruit.

We took up a special Christmas offering and we were able to split £240 ($300) between our missionaries, families in need, and our chair fund. The Christmas offering along with several other generous gifts have provided all the money we need to purchase our new chairs. Thank you for those who gave toward this project!

The Lord had blessed us with several faithful families and a good group of people who serve each week. Early on in December, we honoured all those who work in our children’s ministry.

This month, we have another membership class, a ministry leader’s training session, and we start our winter term of Bible institute with Bible Doctrines and Evangelism classes. We also have some new ministries starting up for the singles and the youth as well as two new Sunday school classes.

God provided another $5000 toward the building fund for Northwest Baptist, so that brings the grand total to $43,748.39 that has been given. Our goal is to raise at least $75,000 for the building purchase.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support! As we look back over this past year, we are so grateful for all of you who hold the ropes for us.

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