July 12th, “Stuff”, and Sunday Services

12th of July parade in front of our house
12th of July parade in front of our house

This past Friday was the annual 12th of July celebration so many people had off work.  We took the opportunity to go over to County Donegal, a very beautiful part of Ireland that is just across the border of Northern Ireland.  We had a nice day as a family.  We have certainly grown to love the beauty of Ireland.

Sam and James helping us sort through our "stuff"
Sam and James helping us sort through our “stuff”

On Saturday, we were able to go through a great deal more of our furniture and belongings. Teri put quite a few things up online, and we had much interest from people look to buy them, so today we will be dealing with that.

James preaching on Sunday morning
James preaching on Sunday morning

Yesterday was a great day at Northwest Baptist Church.  James Wilson preached the morning message and did a fantastic job.  It was very encouraging to see God use Him to explain, illustrate, and apply the Word of God.  I am so thankful for the time and training that Sam Quinn has invested in James and in the church over the past three years.  God has used him greatly.

This week, we will…

  • Continue to work on preparations for our evangelistic meeting coming up on July 28 – Aug 4.  
  • Seek to downsize more of our belongings in preparation for the move to London.
  • Begin to look for houses to rent in London.
  • Celebrate Cali’s 4th birthday on Friday.

Thank you for all of your prayers.  May God richly bless you for all that you do.

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