July 2020 Update

Lord willing, we will return to the UK in just 55 days (September 1st)! We are excited to get back and continue with the work there. We are also very grateful for the opportunity to take this year-long furlough. We’ve had a wonderful time making a lot of memories with our families and visiting many amazing people and churches! 

We had nine great meetings this past month in the states of Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. A few churches even voted in the service to begin partnering with us!

I am enjoying teaching an undergraduate and masters class at the Our Generation Training Center this term. Please pray for all the young people who are training there to be missionaries. Also, pray as there is a need to buy land and build dormitories and classrooms for the growing number of students coming to be trained. (See worldevangelismcenter.org)

As we prepare to return to the field, please pray for:

  • Wisdom as we look for a house to rent and make ministry plans.
  • Mission teams to come help us with evangelism. We are looking for teams to come in February, June, and October each year.
  • People who would like to be part of a special evangelistic team.
  • Funds ($3700-$6200/£3000-£5000) to set up a UK Charity that will be an umbrella non-profit organization for all the new ministry we plan to do in the UK.
  • Funds for a training fund for young men in the UK who want to train for ministry but need financial help ($1250/£1000 per month per person).

We are excited to see the folks at Downham Baptist Church again and all our friends in the UK. We are also looking forward to what doors the Lord might open as we seek to reach out into other areas. Thank you so much for all of your faithful prayers and support!

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