Light in the Darkness Documentary

A good friend of mine Trent Cornwell has been involved in producing a 30-minute documentary about India that I would like to ask you to pray for and promote in your church.  You can read more about the film below and find out how your church can get involved by premiering this incredible video.

A documentary film featuring real people and stories from the country of India. Conflict over religion extends to every culture and country on the globe today, and India is a no exception.This documentary presents an amazing missions field where God is doing a great work; lives are being changed, and churches are being planted. Here is your chance to get involved!

This film is a great opportunity to share the country of India with your people, and to move their hearts toward missions. We understand that as a Pastor you desire that your church would have more of a burden and a heart for missions. This film will help you accomplish just that.

Get involved as a Premiere Church and give your congregation something that will help them understand missions in a greater way. It is only $200 for the complete package that will include the following:

  • Authorized Public Exhibition License
  • Five (5) 11X17 Light In The Darkness Movie Posters
  • 200 Ticket Vouchers with Perforated Stubs

We know that this film will be a blessing to you and your people, and the only way to view this film for now is through the local church. It has been specifically designed with a church service in mind giving you the best opportunity to leverage this film’s powerful message.

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