Snode Ministry Update – Oct 14, 2013

Greatest News
Cover of newest gospel tract
  • I surveyed two more boroughs last week: Brent and Islington.  I know of a couple churches in each borough that claim to preach the gospel, but with 311,000 people in Brent and 206,000 people in Islington, each borough is still very needy.  Brent is the most ethnically diverse borough in London, with an 85% chance that any two people in the borough could be of different ethnicities.  Islington is the most densely concentrated borough in London with 36,000 people per square mile.
  • On Wednesday, we attended a church near our house that was hosting the 119th annual meeting for the Bible Spreading Union!  It was wonderful to hear about their work of giving out free copies of the Bible for the past 119 years.
  • We finished designing a new gospel tract (see cover above) and and sent it off to be printed last week.  We are getting 10,000 copies of it printed, and we cannot wait to get out on the streets with them.
  • In conjunction with the gospel tract, we are also working on an evangelistic website.  Those who receive the tracts will be able to go to the website, ask questions, and contact us for Bible studies and more information.
  • My good friend, Trent Cornwell and have put together an incredible documentary on the the country of India. I sent out an email last week about it.  Please pray for God to use the film to raise up laborers and pray for churches to premier this film.  Find out more here.
  • We are excited about having our friends, Scott and Melissa Newton, missionaries in Barcelona, visit with us for a few days this week.
  • Next Sunday, I will be preaching for my friend, Pastor Martin Wickens ,at Brimpton Baptist Church.  I am looking forward to it, and I am thankful for the opportunity.
  • Below is a report that I put together from my survey a few weeks ago of the Borough of Camden.

[button link=”” style=”download”]Report on Borough of Camden (PDF)[/button]

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