Ministry Update (16/12/13)

London 3

We are almost done with our initial surveys of London. With these surveys, we are trying to accomplish several things:

  • Get an overview of the need in the entire city
  • Identify where there are gospel-preaching churches and areas where there are none in each of the 32 boroughs
  • See where God might open up a door for us to plant our first church here in London
  • Compile research that can be the foundation for many future church plants

After we research and survey each borough, we are putting together reports. I have recently uploaded reports about the ten boroughs listed below. You can click on the titles below to download the entire report.

  1. Sutton – 190,000 people, 4 gospel-preaching churches, 1 potential church plant area
  2. Croydon – most populous borough in London with 363,000 people, 3 gospel-preaching churches including one pastored by my friend Andrew Bunnell, 2 potential church plant areas
  3. Barnet – second-most populous borough with 356,000 people, 4 gospel-preaching churches, 3 potential church areas, 15% of the population claim to be Jewish (highest in the UK)
  4. Haringey – 255,000 people, borough of contrasts with some of the wealthiest and some of most deprived areas in the country, 25% are under the age of 19, 193 languages spoken, 2 gospel-preaching churches, 2 potential church plant areas
  5. Kensington & Chelsea – 159,000 people, very densely populated, one of most affluent areas in London with average salary of £41,000/year, 6 universities, several gospel-preaching churches including Chelsea Community Baptist Church pastored by my friend Stephen Silverson
  6. Hammersmith & Fulham – 182,000 people, 55% are single adults, 24% are ages 20-29, only 5% unemployment, 4th highest house prices in the country, several gospel-preaching churches
  7. Harrow – 239,000 people, 2 gospel-preaching churches, 64% are from Black and Minority Ethnic communities, most religiously diverse local authority area in the UK, synagogue with largest membership in all of Europe, 2 potential church plant areas
  8. Hounslow – 254,000 people, several gospel-preaching churches, 1 potential church plant area
  9. Southwark – 288,000 people, 4 universities, nearly 1/3 identify as non-religous, at least 2 potential church plant areas
  10. Richmond – 187,000 people, wealthiest borough, 3 gospel-preaching churches, 2 potential church plant areas

Thank you for keeping us in prayer. Please pray about the following things:

  • For some specific direction for where we should plant our first church by 15 January 2014.
  • For God to open doors for us for the gospel.
  • For young men that we can mentor and train for the ministry.
  • For the Chris Waye family as they prepare to come over and help us starting on 13 February 2014.
  • For wisdom as we have to make a decision about where to send the children to school by 15 January.
  • For God’s provision for some unexpected financial needs that have come up recently.
  • For labourers to come help us reach the continent of Europe with the gospel.

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