Ministry Update (27/1/14)

Prime Meridian – Royal Observatory, Greenwich
  • Last week was a busy but productive week. We looked at several houses and found one that we really like, so hopefully it will work out. We extended our current tenancy until 19 March, so that gives us a bit more time to make a decision and find the right house.
  • Also, last week we did some preliminary work to help the Wayes locate a house, set up a bank account, research cars to buy, and get car insurance. They will be here in just over a few weeks, so we are very excited about that.
  • On Saturday, we visited the Royal Observatory and the Prime Meridian in Greenwich. Since October 1884, this has been the common zero of longitude and standard of time reckoning throughout the world.
  • Sunday morning, I preached for a small church not far from our house and then Sunday evening we attended College Park Baptist Chapel in Lewisham.
  • Here is a link to a recent article I wrote called: “7 Importance Reasons to Read Your Bible.”
  • I am excited about going back to Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland for a few days to visit Northwest Baptist Church and the folks there. I leave on Saturday and come back on Wednesday.


  • Teri and the children as we prepare to move again.
  • A new home to rent closer to the Lewisham/Central Greenwich area.
  • Open doors for the gospel and for the ministry.
  • Young men that we can mentor and train for the ministry.
  • Our UK tax situation to work out efficiently and affordably.
  • Pastor James Wilson and Northwest Baptist Church in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
  • Chris Waye and his family as they are moving here to help us on 13 February.
    • For wisdom as they seek to rent a home, buy a car, and get set up in the UK.
    • For remaining financial support to come in.
    • For strength and grace as they leave friends and family behind.
  • Labourers to help us reach the continent of Europe with the gospel.

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