Ministry Update – 28 January 2019

We made more progress on painting the back rooms in our church this past week. It can cost quite a bit to employ a builder or painter in London, so we try to do as much work on the building ourselves as we can.

I enjoyed meeting up with two men in our church this week for Bible study and fellowship. It was good to fellowship and encourage one another in the Lord as well as go through the Foundation discipleship lessons.

On Friday night, some of the young adults came over to our house for an activity and a good discussion about prayer. Please pray for these young people; they are the future of the church and there are so many pressures on them.

Saturday morning was our monthly all church outreach. We gave out 800-1000 invitations to the church. Please pray for fruit from the outreach. Many of the people who currently attend the church came from a leaflet put through their door.

Yesterday, we had a great time together in church. I am really encouraged with how our folks are taking so much responsibility for the weekly ministry of the church. Chris Waye did a great job preaching from Philippians 3:12-16 about ‘Reaching for the Prize’. It is a real joy to work together with Chris and his family.

In the afternoon, we had our annual safeguarding training meeting, to train our volunteers in how to look out for the wellbeing of the children and young people who come to our church. It is great to have a lady in our church who does this type of thing professionally help with this ministry. Below are a few photos of the small group Bible studies that meet every Sunday before the morning service. We also have a children’s Sunday school that is not pictured below.

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