Ministry Update – 21 January 2019

Cold and flu are striking with a vengeance here. Most of our family has had a version of it and I’ve had it this past week, but I am hoping that we will be back to normal soon. Times of sickness make us appreciate times of good health.

Despite the sickness, we had good attendance at church yesterday with the Lord’s Supper and a very nice time of fellowship in the afternoon at our monthly Bring and Share Lunch. 

On Friday, we had a curry night for men with a guest speaker coming to share his testimony of salvation. Though none of the visitors we invited came, we had a good turnout and a good time of fellowship. Please continue to pray for the spiritual growth of the men in our church.

Please pray for wisdom as the leaders of the UK make decisions about Brexit. Also, please pray for the city of Derry as a car bomb went off on Saturday night just about 100 meters from where Northwest Baptist Churchmeets. Though wounds are still healing in Northern Ireland, car bombings certainly are the type of thing that everyone hoped was in the past. It just shows that the division is still there, and the only solution is the gospel.

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