Ministry Update

This past Saturday, we had a BBQ for the young people who come to our youth club and their families.  It was a great time with 31 people at our house.  We really enjoyed fellowshipping together with the people in the church.  Things like the BBQ give us an opportunity to fellowship together and develop relationships that can be the foundation for spiritual growth.

Sunday was our Friend Day.  Even though we did not have any first-time visitors, we will had a good day.  Alan Campbell, a young man who is training for the ministry in Sunderland, England, preached for us and did a great job.  He preached a powerful gospel message on “The Law of God” from Romans 3.  Following the service, we had a meal together.  We also met with about ten people from our church who are helping us with our Sunday children’s church.  It is exciting to see the people in the church getting involved in teaching and working with the children.

In the evening, Alan, Sam, Jason, and I went down to the evening service at Limavady Baptist Church.  Limavady Baptist has been around for about 90 years.  There are many faithful folks that go there.  It was a blessing to renew fellowship with some of the families who go there who used to go to Roe Valley Baptist Church.

I have been working this week on my Baptist History class which finishes next Friday.  Please pray for me as I hope to be done with my Masters Degree by the middle of October.  I have been at this now for nearly three years, and I must say that I am looking forward to finishing.

Jason and Sam are always a huge help.  They have been working hard at the church.  Jason Rishel put together the first rough draft of our “Hope Magazine” yesterday.  The magazine will be something we take with us when we knock doors.  It has helpful articles that we think should really grab people’s interest and be a good evangelistic tool.  Jason left early this morning to go to SW England to help Pastor Martin Wickens at Brimpton Baptist Church as they host a youth camp.  Please pray for God to use Jason there.

Finally, please pray for Sam as he preaches at Northwest Baptist Church this weekend.  Teri and I will be away in Swords near Dublin over the weekend.  I will be preaching for Pastor Jerome Pittman at Lighthouse Baptist Church while he is away on furlough.

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