Ministry Update – Anniversary, Funeral, End Times, BBQ, Mission Team

Today Teri and I celebrate 15 years of marriage! We are grateful for God’s goodness to us. We had a great time away last week in Spain celebrating together.

2013-04-12 11.32.52Teri and Grant are actually in America right now for the funeral of Teri’s great-grandmother who passed away last week age 104 years of age. We had a chance to speak to her several years ago, and we rejoice that she confirmed that she had believed on Jesus.

2017-07-02 13.50.25This past Sunday, we had David and Hazel Moore with us from Milton Baptist Church in Stoke-on-Trent teaching on the Olivet Discourse and End Times events. The teaching was very helpful and seems to answer a lot of questions people in our church were having. You can listen to the recordings here.

Slide - BBQThis week has been quite busy as we have been preparing for our community BBQ which will take place on Sunday night. We are inviting the community for an open day. Please pray for visitors and opportunities to meet people and share the gospel.

Also, tomorrow evening, Chris Waye and I will be going to the airport to collect a group from Gospel Baptist Church in Greenville, Ohio who will be with us all next week. We are excited to have them and praying for God to bless their trip.

2 thoughts on “Ministry Update – Anniversary, Funeral, End Times, BBQ, Mission Team

  1. Thanks for the update Travis. It looks like you guys have had a full schedule, and I pray you will see fruit from your labors. Have you tried to introduce American BBQ to the folks in London? How do you think that would go over? I look forward to your next update!

  2. Thank you for keeping up with us and for your prayers. There is an American style BBQ restaurant here in London that is quite popular. I think that most people really like it.

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