Ministry Update: Christianity in the Workplace, Membership Class, Building Update


This past Sunday, we were blessed to have a guest preacher, Andrew Robertson from Sunderland. Andrew works full-time as a solicitor, but also is heavily involved in the ministry of his local church, especially with the youth work.

Andrew spoke on the subject “Christianity in the Workplace” and gave some very helpful advice from the life of Daniel about working hard at work, refusing to compromise at work, and witnessing at work.


After the service, we had our first membership class with 6 adults staying after to learn more about our church, about membership, and about joining the church. This was the first of several membership class opportunities we are planning to have leading up to our constituting the church in June, God willing.

We have located a building that looks very good in Derry, Northern Ireland. The only issue now is whether it can be changed to be used as a church. We are wanting to make an offer this week. Pray that James can get some good insight this week from some planning consultants about whether the building is likely to be allowed a change of use/zoning. Once we hear that the building is likely to be approved a change of use, we will then place an offer.

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