Ministry Update: Christmas Plans, Bible Institute, Discipleship Update


20161218christmasleafletfrontWe have found Christmas to be a great opportunity in Britain to invite people to church and to share the gospel. Most people here are still open to attending some kind of Christmas service. Because of this we have planned a number of different church services and events that we hope lost people will come to and hear about Christ. Please pray for souls to be saved this Christmas.

We have just a few weeks left in our first term of Bible institute. As the weeks have gone along, some students have had to drop out for various reasons, but several are still attending and finding that it is helping them grow in the Lord.

me-circleOne student who is with us right now is Hannah Neilly. She is a good friend from our time in Northern Ireland, and she is currently studying theology and preparing to go as a missionary, helping church-planting missionary couples and teams. We are excited for how God is working in her life and asking the Lord to direct and provide for her as she completes her training.

Another young lady Salome is also in Bible college. She had the idea to start a coffee morning where people could come by the church, drink a tea or coffee, and have a chat. Please pray for this outreach as well.

I have started taking a couple of our young men through discipleship lessons with the goal of them getting baptized soon. Please pray for them and their spiritual growth.

We are pleased with how people have given toward the purchase of new chairs. Thank you for praying for this need. We hope to purchase the chairs in the next month or two.

Please continue to pray for the building for Northwest Baptist Church. The lawyers are still drawing up papers for the church to lease the building initially while they apply for a change of use/zoning and then subsequently purchase the building.

Thank you so much for your continual support and encouragement. We are so thankful for how God continues to bless us personally and how He is blessing the work here in London with new visitors, with believers growing in their faith, and with new opportunities to reach out with the gospel!

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