Youth Activity, Sunday Services, Pastoral Visits, Coffee Morning Visitors

Youth Meeting: This past Saturday night, we had a great time at a youth activity put on by Crossroads Baptist Church in Bromley. There were games, food, and a powerful video on the cross. It was encouraging to see a good group of young people coming together and learning more about Christ.

Sunday Services: We had some very good questions in the 10.30am Bible class including, “What are the Biblical responsibilities of pastors and church leaders?”. In the 11.30am service, we had two first-time visitors and looked at “The Armour of God” from Ephesians 6:10-16. In the afternoon, a number of people starting giving out our 2500 Christmas invitations. In the 6pm service, we looked at “The Message of the Church – the Humble Cross” from 1 Corinthians 1:17-25.

Pastoral Visits: Teri and I have been able to do more pastoral visits recently. During the visits, we are trying to: 1) get to know the families in our church better, 2) care for their souls better through prayer and counselling, and 3) involve them more in the discipleship and ministry of our church. We are so thankful for wonderful group of people God is forming into a local New Testament church in Downham.

Coffee Morning Visitors: Several months ago, Salome from our church started a coffee morning on Tuesday mornings to invite people to come to the church, have a coffee/tea, and a chat. Yesterday, two visitors attended who first saw our banner two years ago when we were meeting in the community centre. They received a leaflet this past Sunday and decided to come to the coffee morning. They have many questions about the Bible and about God, so pray that they will start coming to the services and that we can be of help to them.

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