Ministry Update – Only $1123 Needed to Complete the 16K Match!

My grandmother, my mother’s mom, passed away about two weeks ago. I had hoped to fly back for the funeral but was unable to do so. Thankfully, Darci and I were able to visit her briefly back in January during a quick visit to America for a conference. I was able to write a few words to be shared in the service and our whole family was able to watch the service over the internet.

I am so thankful for the work that God has done in my family. My mother and her parents and siblings are all first-generation Christians. My mother was one of the first in her family to become a Christian and she was reached through the bus ministry of a Baptist church in Ohio. I am so grateful for my Godly parents and for the wider family and relatives that the Lord has given. They are a huge support and encouragement to us.

Teri and I had the joy and challenge of looking after four children in addition to our three this past week, which was exciting, to say the least! We watched Chris and Sherry Waye’s children, so they could go away for their anniversary and to a missionary training conference. We are so thankful for the friendship and partnership in ministry we enjoy with the Wayes

The Lord continues to provide for the building fund for Northwest Baptist Church. We have 5 days left and only need another $1123 for the match fund to be fully funded. After, that we will need an additional $11,239 to reach our goal. Several others have been in contact saying that they intend to give donations as well, so we believe that all the funds may be raised by Christmas, which would be amazing!

This past Saturday, some of the people in our church had the idea of putting on a Christmas Fair in our church as a way to reach out into the community and raise some funds for a special renovation project we have going on at our church. It was a good time and a good way to meet new people in our community. Pray that we will have people visit and saved over the Christmas period.

Finally, our mission is hosting a special missions summit in Ohio at the end of the year (Dec 28-29). This is a great opportunity to hear about what God is doing around the world and consider how you can get involved. I really encourage those in the Ohio area to attend. Click this link to find out more details

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