Missionary Spotlight: Mark Coffey – South Africa

In 1999, I arrived at Bible college and one of the first people I met was Mark Coffey.  Mark quickly became a good friend and great encouragement in my life.  He helped me get to know Bro. Austin Gardner, who has been a great friend and mentor to me for 14 years now.  He encouraged me to go to Peru for six months, where God changed me life and equipped me for the mission field.  He encouraged me to become friends with my wife Teri, and he helped us when we were first starting out on deputation.  He came with us on our first survey trip to Ireland, and then later visited with his wife.  He has allowed us to stay in his home numerous times and has been a huge influence in my life.  I am so thankful for his friendship, and for how God has used him.  You can read more about him, his family, and his ministry below.

Mark Coffey and his family are church planting missionaries to the country of South Africa.  They are sent out of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia under the leadership of Pastor Austin Gardner. They started deputation in April of 2011 and will be in South Africa in June of 2013.

Mark accepted Christ as my Savior when he was five years old.  He started attending Whitfield Baptist Church in Dalton, GA at the age of twelve with his mom and brother. At nineteen years of age, while on a mission trip to Peru, South America, he totally surrendered his life to the Lord.

From that time until now, he have been working in and out of Peru, South America. He and his wife were full time missionaries on the field of Peru for five years, but came back to the States in 2005 to represent the Peru Baptist College and to help start the Our Generation Training Center and Vision Baptist Church. God has been preparing him over the last fifteen years to reproduce in South Africa the church planting ministry we have been a part of.

Find out more about this ministry and how you can pray for them here.

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