More News from Gene McKinley about His Visa

Here is an update from the McKinleys in the Republic of Ireland.  This does not affect our visa but we are very concerned about our brothers down South.  Please keep this in your prayers.

Dear Pastor and praying friends,

Thnk you so much for the responses of encouragment from all around the world. God has truely been working in our hearts in the midst of all that is going on.

At this point, we have no further information. The Immigration Solicitor (lawyer) could not find any reason in the law why they would limit any one coming into the country the way we had.

Right now they are still trying to find out where this policy or statute is, but without any success so far.

So, we are just waiting to find out, as they find out.

Our Local Immigration officer is trying to be helpful, and open other avenues for us to be able to stay. This is all very kind of him and helpful to our situation, but it will not help any of the other missionaries.

He is helping us get Caleb and Kelly’s Irish Citizenship, and is also helping us put a letter together for the department of justice requesting permission to stay. This request will be based on the fact of the young state of the church, as well as that we have two children who are Irish Citizens. He said that may not garantee us to stay, but it would carry a lot of weight with the Department of Justice.

But agin this will not help other missionaries who’s children to not qualify for citizenship.

Please continue to pray as we continut to seek a solution that will be helpful to everyone.

Your servant in Christ,

Gene McKinley

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