Update on Visa Situation

I wanted to write an update on the visa situation that I asked prayer for in a previous post.  I am sorry for not explaining the situation more fully.  The missionary (Gene McKinley), who asked prayer regarding his visa, lives in the Republic of Ireland.  Teri and I live in Northern Ireland, which is politically part of the United Kingdom, while still on the island of Ireland geographically.  Therefore, the laws regarding visas that we abide by are different from the laws affecting the missionaries in the Republic of Ireland.  Thankfully, this visa situation does not affect our visa, but we are very concerned for the churches, pastors, and missionaries in the Republic of Ireland.

Incidentally, our visa is good for another two years, and in June 2008, we can apply for permanent residency.  If we are approved for permanent residency, then we can come and go in the country as much as we like without a need for visas, which will be a big blessing.  The UK requires that we live in the UK for four years before we can apply for permanent residency.  June will mark four years since we first moved over in June 2004. 

One other bit of information about our visas is that when our children are born we have to apply to have them added to our visa.  When we returned from our trip to Morocco, the passport control lady gave Darci a two month visa to allow us time to get her added.

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