New Church Plant – Vision Baptist Church of Cobb County

Test Drive

Our home church, Vision Baptist Church, is planting a new church on the West side of Atlanta.  The church is called Vision Baptist Church of Cobb County.  For the past few months, they have been holding Wednesday Bible studies at a home in the area.  On August 25th at 6pm, there will be a special Get Acquainted Service.

At the Get Acquainted Service, you will be experience the preaching, music, and friendly smiles! There will be refreshments provided and a time for you to ask questions and get answers. This is a time for you to talk with us!

Pastor Austin Gardner and Beau Carpenter the assistant pastor are heading up an effort to get invitations distributed to 10,000 homes in Mableton and the surrounding area.

What kind of church will it be?

  • Verse-by-verse preaching through the Bible.  No hobby horses, hot topics, or agendas. If the Bible says it, we say it. You will hear what God says and how it applies to our lives.
  • Upbeat, Christ honoring music. With every song we sing, the goal is to worship and exalt the Lord Jesus.
  • Focused more on the heart more than the outward appearance. At our services you will find people dressed in a wide variety of styles from as casual as jeans or shorts, to as formal as suits and dresses. However, most people find themselves somewhere in the middle–most often wearing business casual. We do ask that people wear clothing that does not draw attention to themselves. We think that what you wear to church should not detract from the worship experience of others around you. We want all of the attention to go to Jesus Christ.
  • The service will last about 60-75 minutes.

I would like to ask you to pray for this church plant.  Pray for Pastor Austin Gardner and Pastor Beau Carpenter as they lead the church plant.  Invite people you know in the area who are looking for a good church.  Volunteer your time to help out with this new church plant.

For more information about the church click here.  Or go here for the Facebook page.


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