November 2021 Update | Help Us Buy a Building for Downham Baptist!

Moravians – One of the groups in history most dedicated to world evangelism was the Moravians. They trace their roots to Jan Hus, a Czech reformer who was martyred in 1415. In 1722, the Moravians were offered asylum by Nikolaus Zinzendorf on his estate where they built the village of Herrnhut and established a “center for world evangelism.” Over thirty years, the Moravian church of six hundred members sent out 226 missionaries! Last month, Teri and I were able to spend a few days’ vacation in mainland Europe visiting various places including Herrnhut. What an inspiration the Moravians are to us today! What more does God want us to do to reach our generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Colchester Church – The Lord continues to bless the new church in Colchester.Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support for this church plant. Despite various challenges, the Lord has blessed in several ways. A new “coffee morning” has yielded several visitors and many conversations with unbelievers. Also, one of our faithful English ladies courageously gave her testimony of coming to faith in Christ out of Hinduism for the first time! Also, we continue to finish various renovations to the new building such as replacing ceiling tiles, improving the entryway, and constructing a media desk.

Building Purchase – Downham Baptist Church is now over eight years old and for about seven years the church has met in a rented church building. The church is in discussions with the landlord about purchasing the building and has started a building fund. Over the next six months, we are asking God to provide $150,000 toward the purchase of this building or (if this one does not work out) another building for the church. Would you please pray about helping us purchase a building for Downham Baptist? We appreciate very much your continued prayers and investment in our ministry, and we assure you that giving toward the “London Building Fund” will be a huge blessing to this maturing church! If you have questions about the purchase or plan to donate, please let us know.

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