Only 7 Days…

Only 7 days until….

…we return to the United Kingdom.

After driving 50,000 miles, visiting 94 different churches, spending a great deal of time with our families and friends, and getting further training, it is time for us to return to Northern Ireland and then to England.

We had a great time on our furlough, but we are ready to go “home.”  For 8 years of our life, the UK was our home.  It is the place for we began our ministry.  It is the place were our children were all born, and we are excited to go back.

On next Wednesday, at 9.10pm, we fly out of Atlanta, GA.  We should be in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland by Thursday night.  We will spend about 6 weeks there before moving to London in August.

Below is an update of some things that have taken place over the last 10 days:

Here is is our schedule for the next week leading up to our departure:

  • Today, I fly back to Atlanta and we working on packing.
  • Tomorrow, we will spend some time with our pastor and the folks from our home church.
  • Friday, I will attend my last training class at OGTC and then we eat dinner with some friends.
  • Saturday, we will hang out with some more friends.
  • Sunday, we will be at our home church, Vision Baptist Church, all day.  On Sunday night, there will be a send off service for us.  Everyone is invited to attend the service at 6.00pm.
  • Monday, we move out of our house.
  • Tuesday, we clean our house
  • Wednesday, we leave!

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