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Since the beginning of the year, we have been working harder than ever to reach new people.  We have been focusing most of our efforts on the cityside of Derry due to the great need there.  The Lord has blessed with some new people coming into the church and getting involved.  We recently ordered 10,000 new brochures for the church.  We received those brochures on last Thursday and since then, our church has gotten 2565 out to new homes.  Many of the people in the church have been involved in helping us get them out.  So far we have not seen any visitors from these brochures, but we have had at least one visitor in each service for the past several weeks.  You can view the brochure below.

We are planning several special outreach events over the next couple months.  On 17 March, we are planning to open our church up to the community with a Festival on St. Patrick’s Day.  There is a St. Patrick’s Day parade in our city on that day, and we want to provide a place for families to come, have fun, get some rest, get to know us, and learn about the real St. Patrick and about Jesus.  We will be printing 5,000 flyers below to pass out and invite people to this event.

On 13-15 March, we are having a Bible Conference and Children’s Rally.  The 3 April is Mother’s Day here, and then 20-24 April, we are planning some Easter Gospel Meetings leading up to Easter Sunday on 24 April.  We are going to do everything we can to invite people to our Easter Sunday service.  We are asking God for a record attendance on that day.  We plan to print 10,000 invitations and get them out in our city.

There is a great need in our city.  Would you please pray for God to open hearts and give us wisdom as we strive to share God’s love and hope with those who need Him most?

Read more about what God is doing around the world at bcwe.org.

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