A Muslim from Edinburgh Gets Saved

Our church is thrilled to partner with Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry in distributing Arabic NT testaments and gospel literature to those in the UK or Ireland who request them through their website.

Basically what happens is this:

  • The people contact Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry.
  • The contacts in the UK or Ireland are forwarded on to us.
  • We find out where the person is and get Arabic literature to a pastor/church close by.
  • The pastor/church in the local area will personally deliver the Arabic NT/literature.

Just today I found out about a young lady in Edinburgh, Scotland, who just recently accepted Christ as her Saviour.  Several weeks ago she wrote the following…

“Hello .. My name is Eve .. I’m 21 years old . I live in Scotland, United Kingdom.  Actually I’m Muslim…but I’d like to be Christian…and  I’m asking for help .. First of all I want you to send me a Bible please.”

We found a missionary in the area, Benjamin Shore, who arranged to contact her and this is the report from the the visit:

“…Eve apparently accepted Jesus two weeks ago.  He said she asked excellent questions that showed spiritual understanding.  I’m not sure if she is going to another church but they’ve invited her to theirs.  They are going to continue following up with her.  So, praise the Lord.  It was a good contact.  She was thrilled to get the Arabic Bible and also was glad that it was a parallel Bible.  I guess she wants to be able to share her faith.  (Another good sign, eh?)  Thanks for sending the Bible…”

I want to say, “Praise the Lord! Glory to His name!”  Another name is written in the Lamb’s book of life.  Please pray for this young lady and thanks for helping to make this possible.

Read about what God is doing in other places around the world at bcwe.org.

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