Please Keep Praying for Missy Smith

It has been a few weeks since I updated you all about Mission Smith, daughter of Pastor Lionel Smith in Cork, Ireland.  She was diagosed a while ago with cancer.  Here is his latest update.  If you would like to be added to his email list for more regular updates, just email me at or comment below.

Dear Praying Friends,

To say things have been stressful would be an understatement. This week we are supposed to find out where Missy is regarding her tumour and what the further treatments will be, so coming up to this week we were feeling the stress. I was supposed to go up to Dublin with Missy, but I still was not feeling good, so Bernadette had to take her. I could not be near Missy incase she got something from me. Bernadette does not like driving to Dublin because she finds it quite stressful.

On Monday morning Bernadette headed off at about 7am and arrived up in Dublin near 10:30 or 11am. Missy was to have a ct scan sometime Monday, but we did not know when. When they got to Dublin they were informed that Missy missed her ct scan as it was supposed to be at 9:30am. Thankfully, they squeezed Missy in and she got her ct scan.

Next, we were informed that what we had been told about the chemo was wrong and that she was to take different chemo. Well, that was a bit of a shock! Thankfully it was all straightened out.
Following that, Missy had her blood work done and her blood was not good enough to start chemo. And that was Monday.

On Tuesday, Bernadette went to the hospital to get more blood work done for Missy. Following that she went to another hospital for Missy to get a pet scan. The blood results showed Missy had picked up enough to start chemo on Wednesday. Up and down, on and off, one chemo and then a different one, all of this is really stressful!

Today, Missy started her third round of chemo. Also, Missy’s doctor told us the preliminary results of the ct scan. It has shown, “significant reduction” in the tumour size and that the results are in line with what they were expecting! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for praying! These are just the preliminary results; tomorrow we will find out the actual results. Please pray that Missy will not have to take the radio therapy and that she will only have to take the six months of chemo. Also, please pray that Missy will not have any severe side effects from this new chemo.

I had a good witness with my neighbour this week. I left him with a tract and he said that he reads the tracts that I give him. Please pray for the salvation of Dave Crowley. Last night, while going door to door I had a good witness with a man named Pat. He does not want me calling back, but he listened well as I presented the gospel to him. Please pray for his salvation.

Our Children’s Bible Club was to have been Aug. 13 to 17th. Then, Missy was to have to be in Dublin during that time so I was going to cancel the Bible Club and now it looks like Missy can have her treatment in Cork, so it looks like the Bible Club is on again. Please pray that it goes well.

God bless,
Bro. Lionel

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