Snode Ministry Update – May 21, 2013

Mormon Marketing Campaign in London
Mormon Marketing Campaign in London


  • On Monday of last week, I flew over to the UK.
  • Tuesday afternoon, I arrived in Londonderry, Northern Ireland and attended the midweek service at Northwest Baptist Church.
  • On Wednesday, I spend the day in Londonderry meeting with the leaders and working on various plans.
  • Thursday, I travelled to London, where I currently am.  I have learned much from the people I have talked to and have been able to gather a lot of helpful information for our move in September.
  • Yesterday, I flew back to Northern Ireland for the day to attend the funeral of a 24 year old man who died unexpectedly.  As a teenager, he attend the church we were at in Limavady in 2004.  I am glad I was able to be there for his family to honor his memory by attending.  Please be in prayer for the McMullan family as they deal with this tragic loss.
  • My pastor Austin Gardner arrives today, and we will be doing further work and study here in London until Friday.  Saturday, my family and I will travel to Northern Alabama, and Sunday, we have two meetings.


  • Safety as I have travelled.
  • Opportunities to learn and gather information here in London.
  • Faithfulness of Sam and James at the church in Northern Ireland.


  • For God’s direction for our transition to London.
  • For the evangelistic meeting coming up this summer at Northwest Baptist Church in Derry.
  • For God to help us raise an additional 14% of our support as we are in the States.
  • For God’s provision for several special projects.


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