Attack in London

By now most of you have probably heard of the sickening murder of a British soldier in SE London.  Two men apparently ambushed a soldier, murdered him, and dragged him into the street.  As they did, they shouted to onlookers and expressed no shame or fear.  Many are calling this a act of terrorism, and a full scale investigation is in progress.

I am actually here in London right now on a survey trip.  Myself and my Pastor Austin Gardner were meeting with a group of Christians in the city and teaching the Word of God.  We did not find out about the attack until after the service.

I am still learning alot about this city, but there is a real sense that this is a city in tension.  There so many different nationalities moving into the city that many of the British people are moving out.  40% of England’s Muslims live in London where they make up as much as 14% of the population of the city.

This city is a like a cross-section of the world with people from all over the world coming here, studying here, and leaving here to go other places.  I met a man named Joni last week in a shop.  He just moved here from Iraq and is looking for a better way of live.

As the eyes of the world are on the city of London, may we renew our prayers and efforts to get the gospel to the cities of the world like London.

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