Snode Ministry Update – September 23, 2013

Outside Stamford Bridge, home ground for Chelsea Football Club

Here is a brief ministry update from this past week:

  • Monday, we went as a family to the London Docklands Museum.  The museum was quite interesting as it helped us grow in our understanding of the history and importance of the Thames River in making London an international hub for several thousand years.
  • We also visited Westfields Stratford, which is supposedly the largest shopping centre in Europe.  It is located in NE London near the Olympic Park.
  • This week, I finished compiling a preliminary list of churches in London.  Though there are quite a few gospel-preaching churches in the city, it seems there are still tons of places that have no Bible-believing , Bible-preaching churches.  I am researching five London boroughs right now that seem to be the neediest.
  • I surveyed the boroughs of Barking and Dagenham and Ealing last week.  Both boroughs have great potential and opportunities for church-planting.
  • Enjoyed meeting with some more church-planters and pastors last week to get their thoughts and insight on ministry here in London.
  • On Saturday, our family was able to help Chelsea Community Baptist Church with their “Match Day Outreach”, which essential is giving out football-themed gospel tracts to those attending the football game.
  • The Sunday Assembly, the London based “Atheist Church” is expanding to other cities around the world. Read a news article here.

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