Teen Camp Day 2

We had a great second day at teen camp.  We started the day with a message by Jason Rishel on “God’s Plan of Suffering” from 2 Timothy 1:8-18.  Then the young people went out to the ocean from some canoeing and waterfun.  After lunch, Sam taught on “Being a Strong Soldier” from 2 Timothy 2:1-6.  Then there was a mixture of free time, football, and volleyball.  The young people are divided into teams, so they have to put together a team sketch/skit, a team song, and a team name.

In the evening service, we looked at “Suffering for the Sake of the Gospel” from 2 Timothy 2:9-13.  Following the evening service, we went out to a local woods and played Capture the Flag in the Dark.  We got to bed at about midnight.

We started the morning with breakfast, group devotions, and then a services.  Now the young people are playing games.  Please continue to pray for God to bless and work.

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