Teen Camp Summary

On Friday, we finished our third annual teen camp.  This was the best camp we have had for many different reasons.

First, there was just a phenomenal spirit and camaraderie at the camp among the young people and the workers.  It was like a big family with everyone getting along and helping one another.

Second, we had an awesome team of workers.  With a combined team of people from our church and interns from America, the workers were incredible and helped make the camp a huge success.  I want to say a special thanks to Sam Quinn and Jason Rishel who not only worked hard at the camp but put in long hours or preparation in the weeks prior to the camp.  Also, I want to thank Hannah Neilly, Carie Cuneio, Kathleen McCormick, and James Wilson for their help at the camp.  My wife Teri headed up the food, and I appreciate all the work she did.  Finally, I want to thank Gail Smyth and Alan Edgar for being willing to help with transportation, especially with some last-minute transportation challenges.

Third, the camp was great because we were able to dive into God’s Word every day.  We had 13 different preaching/teaching times.  Each one was in a consecutive passage of Scripture from the book of 2 Timothy.  The 4 devotional times and memory verses were also from 2 Timothy.

Finally, several other good things about the camp.  The facilities at Ganaway Activity Centre are first-class, and the staff are great.  The team competitions kept things interesting and exciting.  And the Lord just blessed us by working in lives, giving us good weather, and by giving us strength for the week.  Thank you for praying and for thinking of us this week.

We are looking forward to camp next year.  It will be on 9-13 July.  Pastor Tony Howeth from Newton Baptist Church will be preaching at the camp.  We are so excited about what the Lord is going to do!  Start making plans to join us now.

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