The Fields Are White

We had a phenomenal day today worshipping God and seeing God work in lives.  We had lady who got saved a few weeks ago bring one of her friends tonight and her friend got saved!  It is so exciting to see people who are newly saved witnessing to their friends and sharing Christ.

The fields are really white unto harvest.  God is doing a work and opening up doors.  On Tuesday, we had a lady from one of the major Catholic areas in Derry come to church.  She was shocked that our church was going into all the areas of the city and inviting people.

Our church is for everyone, no matter their background, their age, or their situation.  We are not about a particular political, religious, or social demographic.  The good news is for everyone, and we want to tell everyone we can about it.

Pray for God to continue to pour out His Spirit on us and work through us in the city of Derry/Londonderry and in the town of Limavady.  This week we start our Summer Celebration 4 Kids at Roe Valley Baptist Church in Limavady.  It will run from Tuesday to Friday, 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM.  Pray for God to do a great work.

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