Forrest Hills Baptist Church Mission Trip

From Tuesday, 20th July until Wednesday, 28th July, we had a group of eight people from Forrest Hills Baptist Church with us including Bro. Keith Hamilton, Dave and Carol DeGasperis, Carie and Casie Cuneio, Hannah Warren, Kelly Meeks, and Jeremy Crowe.  The group was a huge blessing to us.

They came specifically to help us with our Summer Celebration 4 Kids.  They arrived on Tuesday afternoon and got right into things without rest after having travelled all night from America.  From the time they go here to the time they left, they worked tirelessly serving and ministering to us and to the people in our church and community.

Some of the ways in which they were a blessing to us are as follows:

  • Helping us host a Summer Celebration 4 Kids (VBS/Holiday Bible Club) with over 80 different children attending.
  • Teaching, loving, and encouraging these children, many of whom came from rough backgrounds.
  • Witnessing to and winning several children to the Lord.
  • Paying for Teri and I to go out for a meal twice and watching our children while we did so.
  • Constantly cleaning and working around the church and our house.
  • Buying us a new hoover (vacuum) and some new bins (trash cans) for the churches.
  • Helping us get out leaflets for the SC4K in Limavady.
  • Leaving us enough craft supplies and decorations for the SC4K in Limavady.
  • Doing some maintenance on our car.
  • Exhibiting a Christ-honoring spirit and servants heart which was a great example to all those they came in contact with.
  • Understanding the pressures of the ministry and giving us space to do what we needed to do as well.
  • Being extremely well-prepared with their materials, attitudes, prayers, and finances.

God gave us an outpouring of His blessing this past week that has been unprecedented in our ministry before.  We saw many, many new young people come to the church.  Other adult visitors have been visiting.  Children’s lives were changed.  Our church was powerfully influenced.  All the credit goes to God, but He used the sweet service of the Forrest Hills group as a tool in His hand.

I want to say a big “THANK YOU” to each person who came on the trip, to Pastor Ray Warren, Forrest Hills Baptist Church, and to the group leaders Keith Hamilton and Dave and Carol DeGasperis.  If you are interested in coming on a mission trip, please let us know by commenting in the box below.


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